Minecraft Snapshot 20w06a

16 January, 2023

Minecraft Snapshot 20w06a

We are very excited to share the first snapshot for 1.16, “Nether Update”, with you! This snapshot includes new biomes, blocks, as well as a fancy new ore called “ancient detritus”.

Features in 20w06a

– New Nether blocks added!- Knockback resistance now has a probability instead of a scale- Added Crimson Forest biome the Nether – Added Soulsand Valley biome the Nether – Walls don't have gaps anymore when stacked vertically – Added Warped Forest biome the Nether


Numerous new block types were added!

– Crimson Stems or Warped Stems are two new wood-like materials. Basalt blocks can be used to create pillars. Soul Soil is able to create Soul Torches and Soul Lanterns by using bone meal from Netherrack.

Crimson Forest

Crimson Forests are now available in the Nether!

Crimson Nylium carpets the cave floor in all sorts of new vegetation. Shroomlights light up the forest floor. Weeping Vines and fungi grow from cave ceilings. Hoglins roam these forests. Crimson Spores swirl through the air.


– A high-level new material discovered in the Nether. It can be used to upgrade your diamond gear.

How to make Netherite

– Find Ancient Debris in the Nether's lower depths. At your own risk. There is no insurance coverage for this.

Netherite effects

– Netherite objects float in lava so that you don't lose your gear after an unplanned lava bath.- Netherite weapons do greater damage than diamond-Netherite armor has higher toughness, durability, and knockback resistance than diamond.

Soulsand Valley

The Nether now has Soulsand Valleys!

– A large open space made mostly from Soul Sand and Soul Soil. Basalt pillars span from ceiling to floor. Fossil remains from unknown creatures from the past litter this valley. Ash falls through the valley. A light blue glow surrounds the valley.


Ghasts sounds can now be heard at a lower range – Updated block sounds to Bone Blocks for Bone Blocks (Netherrack, Soul Sand), Nether Bricks, and Quartz Ore

Warped Forest

You can now find warped forests in the Nether!

– Warped Nylium carpets the cave floor, with all sorts of strange new vegetation. Huge Warped Fungi make this forest's “trees”, with Shroomlights lighting the forest floor. A dark blue fog covers it. Warped spores swirl around the forest. The Warped Forests are a strange place in Nether.

World Generation

– The Nether biome has been renamed Nether Wastes. This makes shipwrecks, ocean ruins, and other marine wrecks a little less common.

Technical changes in 20w06a

– Added a locbiome command



A new command that locates a specific biome. Useful in creative mode when you'relooking for a specific biome and don't want to fly around randomly searching for it.Syntax: locatebiomeParameters:

biome – The id for the biome to locate


– The new particle types are ash, soul_fire_flame, crimson_spore and warped_spore


– The Nailed Entity shadows the ground.

Fixed bugs in 20w06a

MC-17431: Shift-clicking stacked objects with a data tag in the enchanting table GUI removes the data tags from the moved items

MC-45619 – Water, Signs, Vines, Torches etc. In the same block as item frame, break item frame's redstone sign

MC-52178 – Cape doesn't move down when sneaking / Cape disconnects from body while sneaking

MC-59363: Items in item frames are deleted when both mouse buttons are simultaneously used

MC-82235 – When lightning strikes, baby pigs become adult zombie pigmen

MC-92889: Mending doesn't always consume experience if items are fully repaired

MC-93198: Both hands bob up and downward when you throw potions or throwable projectiles.

MC-93631: Pistons release blocks attached to their backs when retracting

MC-96436 – Eggs/snowballs/xp-bottles break instantly when thrown while riding a horse

MC-97958: Small slime does not make a jump or squish sound

MC-103655: Cats don't stand when they're right clicked on them while they're on beds or chests

MC-109370: The bottom face of column blocks is rotated 180 degrees

MC-109844 – en_us.json contains unutilized strings

MC-109850 Redstone wire does not have a bottom texture

MC-112630: A carrot on a stick can't be broken

MC-113381 – Concrete powder blocks and falling dust particles are black

MC-120335: The bottom texture of flower pots is not rendered due to incorrect “uv” values in the model file

MC-131440: The message about trying to sleep at the wrong hour implies that you can only rest at night during a thunderstorm

MC-131770: Rain particles appear one block beneath the water or lava surface

MC-132607: Splitting slimes or magma cubes does not copy NoAI value

MC-134162 – Item entities can break turtle eggs

MC-1368688 – When it hits soul sand or snow layers, Ignited TNT or arrow turns black.

MC-138600: Cats don't bring gifts if their bed is already made.

MC-140544 – Pickaxes don't speed up piston breaking

MC-148474 – Sloped powered detector rails fail when pushed or pulled by a piston

MC-149052 Stonecutter recipe doesn't include item tooltips

MC-149776 – Cartography Table requires string in order for the recipe to appear in the recipe book

MC-150020 Composter is now in the “Miscellaneous”, instead of “Decoration” as the other workstation blocks.

MC-154867: If the world is reloaded and the cat is still sitting, he/she can remain sitting.

MC-158807: You can remove cursed items from your inventory by repairing them

MC-159300: Villagers infected with a zombie can despawn even if they were traded with

MC-159773: Shulkers can teleport from solid faces to non-solid faces. They don't teleport from solid faces to MC-159773

MC-159918 – Polar bears are not the only thing foxes can run from

MC-159963 – Minecarts can crack turtle eggs

MC-160897: Dropping an item with the drop key displays the hand animation, but dropping items from the inventory does not

MC-160902 – Arm swings while right-clicking on full minecart

MC-161156: Silverfish and endermites appear dark on soul sand

MC-161259: Using a carrot on a stick to ride a pig is no hand animation

MC-162881 Composter doesn't display particles when it's being fed composting items through the hopper

MC-163286 – /setblock ~ ~ ~ air destroy does not destroy liquids

MC-164184: Breaking a shulker container with contents in Creative mode results in the removal of the block from the wrong location

MC-164948: Entity shadow renders through transparent blocs

MC-167077: Foxes sleep on honey blocks even in broad daylight

MC-167512 – Glass in the hand is rendered differently based on the “Clouds” setting

MC-167989: Spawn point cannot be set when monsters are near

MC-168540 – Threads created by net.minecraft.Util.backgroundExecutor() have misleading names

MC-168772: Turtle eggs can be crushed by experience orbs

MC-169679: Composters don't make any sounds when they are fed by hoppers

MC-169692 – Entity shadow floats slightly higher than the ground

MC-169832 Transparent item models are inconsistent when a glowing entity exists

MC-170128 – Cannot build an EntityType without a datafixer due to an IllegalArgumentException