Minecraft mods that everyone should have

20 January, 2023

Minecraft mods that everyone should have

Minecraft is balanced in every aspect, and some might even consider it perfect. Many veterans are getting tired of the game's features and mechanics. Every major update brings new features, but nothing that is truly game-changing has been released in a while.

You can try different mods to make the game more visually pleasing or add interesting features. These mods are external programs that can alter the game's internal structure. They are easy to install.

Essential Minecraft mods


This mod is the most popular for Minecraft. OptiFine is available for players with either a powerful or low-end system.

OptiFine can reduce the visual quality of the game to enhance the experience and smoothness. OptiFine can also be used by high-end gamers to install shaders that make Minecraft more visually appealing and realistic.

4) Higher FPS

Minecraft is an old and blocky game that does not require a high-end or fast computer. This mod can be used to stabilize an older computer and improve its frame rate for better gaming.

Better Placement

This mod makes it much simpler and quicker to place blocks in Minecraft's Bedrock Edition. When a player presses the right-click button, blocks are placed instantly. This is a great way to save time when building tall towers and other straight lines.

2) What's That Slot?

What's That Slot? This mod can be used by the Crafting Grid to determine what items can go in which slot. This mod is recommended for players new to the Crafting Grid or those who don't know what item can go in which slot.

1) Simple Voice Chat

In its multiplayer mode, Minecraft is played by thousands of people. Despite the huge playerbase, voice chat is not supported in Minecraft 1.17. When two or more players are working on a project together, typing in the chat window may not be the best method of communication.

The simple voice chat mod allows players to communicate with each other via their microphones, as the name implies. They can chat with other players and create voice chat groups.