Play Minecraft for free

There are good and bad news for those who want to play Minecraft free. Although you can access it via your browser, you won’t be able to experience the latest Minecraft experience. However, you will get the classic Minecraft creative mode. This is the closest way to play Minecraft for free due to the speed of modern gaming history.

However, you can’t play Minecraft free of charge. There are some limitations. You won’t be able to access all the features that come with using a browser and you will not have the mobs, blocks, or bugs you used in the old Minecraft Creative Mode. Instead, you’ll only be able to use the original game’s core functionality. Playing classic is always better than playing none at all. Click this link to get started.

You can’t save Minecraft when you play Minecraft free. We don’t know of any way to do so, so you will have to say goodbye to your Minecraft world. To prevent your game from disappearing into thin air, you can always keep the tab open indefinitely. There won’t be much to lose, however, as Classic Minecraft is the original version of Mojang’s phenomenally-successful game: there are only 32 different types of blocks (with most of them being dyed wool), all the original bugs are in there, although you can build as much as you want as Classic Minecraft only has creative mode.