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Minecraft is balanced in every aspect, and some might even consider it perfect. Many veterans are getting tired of the game’s features and mechanics. Every major update brings new features, but nothing that is truly game-changing has been released in a while. You can try different mods to make the game more visually pleasing or add interesting […]
Minecraft Marketplace allows players to post their creations online and allow others to try them out. These include skin packs, texture packages, mashup packs, adventure maps and mini-games. Mini-games, as the name implies, are fun and short game modes that can be purchased or downloaded for free from the Minecraft Marketplace.¬†Each map, skin pack and mini-game […]
There are good and bad news for those who want to play Minecraft free. Although you can access it via your browser, you won’t be able to experience the latest Minecraft experience. However, you will get the classic Minecraft creative mode. This is the closest way to play Minecraft for free due to the speed […]